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Charity & Workgroups

South Arabian Peninsula Chapter (SAPC) of the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC)

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The SAPC Charity image is representative of the extended community that we aim to support in our charitable efforts, embracing the full diversity of origin, status, and culture of our community membership.

Giving something back to the communities where we live and work is a social responsibility that we are proud to support, and is a significant part of what defines the SAPC.  Since its inception, the SAPC has contributed regularly to the local community through active support of both local and international charitable organizations.

Making a difference in the community is just as important to us as making a difference in the industry in which we work. With the help of our members and our members’ organizations we aim to pursue as many opportunities as possible to help make a difference.

As a member you have a say in the SAPC charitable efforts.  You can also get personally involved in our work by:


You’re in good company if you decide to donate your time to help with a specific event or to raise funds for one of our selected SAPC IADC charities.

Offering Ideas

If you have a great idea for a charitable event please send us your suggestions.


If you, or your organization, would like to make a monetary donation to a charitable event or to support one of the charities selected by SAPC IADC, for more information regarding charity at the SAPC IADC please contact us at


Charity Committee

The IADC SAPC is committed to helping others, as indicated in our strapline of Meet, Share and Make A Difference. The Charity Work Group is responsible for raising funds and then, in conjunction with the Chapter Management Team and the Dubai Charity Association, we allocate funds to support projects which will improve the lives of those less fortunate and enable us to “make a difference”.



  • (07) water wells drilled to support communities in countries across Africa and the Far East
  • Teams competing in the annual golf tournament donated money to the charity fund.
  • Golf bag raffle at the annual golf tournament raised over 12,500 AED


  • Top Golf Social Evening on 21st April. Proceeds will be added to the charity fund.
  • At least one more Top Golf Event during 2022
Tajikistan Water well_2

Supply Chain Workgroup

The purpose of the IADC Supply Chain Work Group is to facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge sharing, and interaction amongst drilling contractors, suppliers, and other IADC stakeholders with the common aim of implementing best practices for the betterment of the drilling industry.


  • Maintain Quarterly Newsletter
  • Establish list of key contacts within Purchasing, Inventory & Logistics designations within IADC Membership to establish better link with Industry experts
  • Issue Guidance Documents for Shippers in Region 'things to look out for'
  • Grow group on WhatsApp (useful tool for sharing) & involve more Drilling Contractors
  • Organize “Meet the Buyer” event
  • Discuss Environmental Impacts “what’s being done in your Supply Chain?”
Supply Chain Workgroup

HSE Workgroup

The purpose of the IADC HSE Work Group is to energize and pursue continual improvements in our Heath, Safety and Environmental  journey.


  • Wellbeing- physical and mental health
  • COVID-19 Journey
  • 5 Ways to Wellbeing
  • Travel challenges- how to manage them
  • Wellbeing assessments
  • We have a duty to care
HSE Workgroup

Contracts Workgroup

To promote clarity and efficiency in commercial documentation within the global drilling community and foster a wider understanding of contracts and risk management. Create solutions for problematic scenarios related to contract practices through cooperation and information sharing between the members.


  • Finalization of the Principles of Contractual Risk Allocation
  • Design and release infographic version

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