HSE Group

SAPC-IADC Discussion Groups

The Southern Arabian Peninsula Chapter of the International Association of Drilling Contractors, SAPC–IADC, facilitates the progressive advancement of issues common to the oil and gas drilling community in its region of operation through established SAPC Discussion Groups.

A SAPC-IADC Discussion Group coordinates the efforts required to define a specific issue affecting the drilling community across the countries that constitute the SAPC’s region of operation and to help the community find effective and sustainable ways of improving its performance on the issue.

SAPC-IADC Discussion Group – Health, Safety & Environment

As the industry strives to constantly reduce risk during all stages of operations, the SAPC Chapter acknowledges the benefits that we all can gain by sharing our HSE findings. Therefore, it was voted at the August 21, 2014 meeting to set up a Discussion Group to focus on this critical issue. Please join us for the November 20, 2014 to vote on the industry leader that will head the group, and register to participate.  Meet.  Share.  Make a Difference.