Competency Group

SAPC-IADC Discussion Group – Competency and Local Content

Across the SAPC region the Local Content (National Labour Quota) element of oil and gas operations is significant. Managing Local Content expectations whilst maintaining effective loss prevention/reduction performance is vitally important for all members of the oil and gas drilling community in the region.

The competency of personnel is inextricably linked to loss prevention and therefore is a critical element in the management of Local Content.

The SAPC membership has identified a gap between the Local Content expectations across the region and the industry’s ability to build sufficient people in a reasonable time scale to ensure the industry can continuously deliver on its commitment to loss prevention and reduction.

In its operations, no harm to people or the environment remains of paramount importance to the drilling community, and therefore the establishment of the SAPC-IADC Discussion Group for Competency and Local Content is seen as a key across industry step in addressing the regional Competency and Local Content gap and the potential for loss it creates.

SAPC Competency and Local Content Discussion Group

Under the guidance of a Work Group Leader appointed by the SAPC from its member company representatives the SAPC Competency and Local Content Discussion Group comprises specialist representatives from across the SAPC member companies and utilizes the meeting and communication facilities provided by the SAPC to initiate and progress the discussions required to generate the required industry improvements.

The SAPC has appointed Mr. Manoj Raghavan of KCAD as SAPC Competency and Local Content Leader.  If you are interested in joining this Discussion Group, please contact